Sermon Video Illustrations

If you use videos for your sermons, here's a couple that came out of our church.
We have 2 videos on Sermonspice.com:

1. "Singular Worship" (this is a great concept video we made back when there was actually a Cingular Wireless company. It's about worship that is just between you and God, or, exclusive worship.)

2. "I Love My Space" (this is a really great video that is great for student ministries, and now, really for everyone. It has actually done very well on SermonSpice.com. Obviously, we took the whole "myspace" idea and turned it spiritual.)

You can purchase both videos by clicking here. The funds that have come in from these have helped our worship ministry do some things we probably wouldn't otherwise do. Check it out.

This is also a contribution to Creative Chaos //21 at Ragamuffinsoul.

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