People Let You Down

I just found out some horrible news today. The song, "Healer", that I have talked much about on here, is now shadowed by fraud. From what I've read on an article from Australia on the net today, Michael Guglielmucci, the man who wrote the song, has evidently lied about his cancer, which has fueled such meaning around the song. The video of him leading it at Hillsong, with an oxygen tank, has been pulled from YouTube. Last Sunday, I introduced this song to our congregation, and I also sent the video links to our church via email to inspire them and tell the story of this song.
Now, the first thing that I questioned, was the song itself. Is this song actually of God, when it was penned through fraud? Here's my conclusion, through thought and prayer: God definitely is our healer and our portion. Every word of this song is truth. It's truth from God's Word and Spirit. Was this man led by the Spirit while writing this song? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not.
Matt Redman once said in an article that when God wants his people to hear a song and learn a song, He will bring it to them. No matter if a record label is involved or not, God will move that song to where it needs to go. This song is all over the world right now. It's helping people and pointing people to God.
It's so important that our motives are right. Why do we go to church? Why do we worship? Why do we sing songs of praise to God? Is it because it's popular or because of a person who wrote the song? People will let you down time and time again. I've seen too many people leave the church because of a person. I've seen too many people have faith in a pastor instead of God, and it always ends in disaster. As a Christian, I must point people to God, because I'm going to mess up some where along the lines, and I won't always be there for everyone. God is, God was, and God will always be. Ironically, last Sunday's sermon was on faithfulness. Thankfully, I didn't focus on the man who wrote this song. When we sang this song to God, it really didn't matter who wrote it. At that moment we were crying out to our Healer and our portion, and He is faithful right now even though is messenger wasn't. God will never let us down.

p.s. Sometimes you write songs that end up ministering to you more than anyone else. I pray and hope that Michael will find healing by God, ironically or sovereignly, using this song in his life.


Anonymous said...

Crazy story, definitely. I like your thoughts - does the song still hold value even if the author is a liar?

My thoughts here - http://www.chrisfromcanada.com/?p=710

Nader Jomaa said...

That is truly sad. All we can do as Christ-followers is pray for Michael. That song is definitely a blessing to many people and when we sing that song whole-heatedly to GOD it blesses us regardless!

Mike said...


I appreciate your thoughts and comments about this sad situation...yet I think there are deeper questions to ask rather than "was this man led by the Spirit while writing this song?"

I think we have to look at ourselves and ask some hard questions...about our penchant to believe what we want to believe...(especially Christians) maybe despite evidence to the contrary. As we journey on this road of faith and deal with the complexities of life we find that perhaps some of the answers we have been taught do not give us satisfactory answers...when we deal with these questions honestly and openly (without fear) we find a faith worth holding on to...a faith that dispenses grace first but also does not deal naively with sin.

Anonymous said...

I'm upset by the controversy this is causing back home. One thing we Australians really don't like is a fraud... and Christianity already cops a lot flack... all we don't need is this!

I'm also upset because Mike is such a great songwriter... he's done so much already for Planetshakers... there was no need for him to fake it!

I guess all we can do is pray for him, and pray that it won't have a big impact on the Christian community at large.

Tracy: said...

Thanks for your insight on this situation. I was shocked and saddened to read about it this morning...... after posting about it just two days ago. I also passed it on to a few friends struggling with health issues right now. In reality, are we surprised to be "let down?" wow, What a reminder that we live in a fallen and broken world, with fallen and broken people. This man needs our prayers more than ever. Just yesterday, I was praying for complete healing for him....today, I will pray the same. HEAL Michael and his family through this pain, Father!

Anonymous said...

I am sometimes joked to be on staff, the staff skeptic. Sometimes that is a lack of faith, yes. Sometimes it is making sure its really God's voice saying jump.

We have become beholden to experiences (thus the growth of the prosperity movement) where whole "revivals" of experience can be held but exit interviews show that people can not even recite the basic gospel after they are "revived." The gospel isn't a personal experience. It is the historical activity of Christ crucified, dead and buried, raised from the dead and coming again.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. I think the song loses it without that story. Think about it...with out the story, who would have done the song just hearing it once??

Matt W. said...

This is sad indeed, but it doesn't change what I think of the song. It's a good song, I didn't totally flip for it like a lot of people have, but I still thought it was a good song, and it still is. Of course, part of this might be because I did hear the song before I heard the story, so that may be why losing the story didn't shatter the song... but you are totally right Gary, in saying that we must be careful not to be so taken with any man, our Faith is in God, not in even the most Godly of men, because men are not God and can always disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!! I like your thoughts and comments about this situation. I'm praying that God will give you the right way to handle the feedback from your people!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this honest response. I agree totally. God is true and his word is true. Grace always wins man. God has breathed on the song, so I know that he has a plan. God still desires to heal people. I still believe.