It's Raining

I've had a great day. This morning, I finished and recorded a new song (just a cheap demo), and I led worship at Easminster Presbyterian. It's still such an awesome experience to lead worship. I really do feel privileged to get these opportunities to serve the local church. After that, I got some Burger King, and went home. Tonight, I actually finished another song I'm excited about. It's called "Liberty". It's an upbeat song about freedom in Christ. I recorded that, and I'm satisfied with the demo. I love the whole writing and recording process. Nothing polishes your vocals better than recording. You hear all the ugliness that hides in sound systems. When you record, there's no where to hide. I'm done for today, and I think I'm going to go to bed. It's raining right now, and to me it's always peaceful to hear the rain and go to sleep.

I got Chris Tomlin's new CD in the mail today, so maybe I'll put that on and go to dreamland. I'm praying about tomorrow and readying my hear for worship. I'll be posting tomorrow afternoon about our worship service. See you then.

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