A Day Late

I meant to blog yesterday, but I went to bed when I got home. Here was my Friday:

I went to the beach (gotta love florida) yesterday after lunch. I rarely get to the beach, and I really love it. I read a lot, listened to Chair and Microphone on the ipod, and just took in the beach. I love the beach, because you can just enjoy the nature of God. I love getting out in the water and looking at the endless ocean. For me, it's one of my favorite places to worship and think about God and His creation.
...and I got burned. Hopefully not too bad. We'll see.

Friday night, my friend Matt and I went to see The Dark Knight again. I rarely go to the movies. I think as you get older, you start getting real picky about what movies you watch, and especially which ones are "theater worthy". I will say that the Dark Knight is very "theater worthy", and I actually saw it twice.

My wife and kids are in Orlando with her folks at a time share for the weekend. My house is quiet, but I do miss my family. That's what I did yesterday. Fun, fun, fun.

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