Worship Confessional 07.27.08

Every worship leader who leads with a guitar has at least commonality. We all have broken a string while leading worship. It's a weird situation, because you are thinking different things, like "I need to find a second to tune my other 5 strings." Today that happened to me at the end of the first song. Obviously, I should have changed my strings this week, because I had used it a lot more than I thought the last couple of weeks. When I first started leading worship, I led without an instrument a lot, but I haven't done that for 4-5 years. I decided to do that today to keep somewhat of a flow in the worship. Long story short, it turned out to be a really cool and fresh thing, and I felt a lot of freedom. Our church really engaged with the songs, and I could feel their hearts as they sang this morning. Today's focus was patience, so I ended the set by singing "Everlasting God" and our pastor ended his sermon by quoting the scripture in Isaiah, "Strength will rise..." He then called me up to sing the song again at the end of the sermon. It was a really nice way to close out the sermon. Here was the set list:

"Everything Glorious"-Crowder
"How Great is our God"-Tomlin
"How Great Thou Art"-HYMN
"Everlasting God"-Brown

This is also part of the "Sunday Setlists" community.


Anonymous said...

Nice way to act on the spot.

Depending on which string it is I've just kept playing. When I say something later about my broken string often people say they didn't even notice.

HL McConnell said...

Dude, I broke a string too yesterday :) I also kicked off a rack of candles from the front of the stage! It was one of those mornings where anything and everything went wrong for me. Most people didn't notice my blunders but I sure did :) Cool to see you in FL. By the way "Jesus Messiah" worked really well with our congregation.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,
Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog. I've added you to my RSS reader, and posted a link to you as well (if you want to link to me, cool).
Looking forward to conversing with you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton, Gary, for jumping on board with "Setlists Sunday" ...

God bless ya,