Worship Confessional 07.13.08

Don't you love it when the sound system wigs out? It's so awesome. I've been around church music world my whole life, and I've heard the statement "there's demons in the sound board" about a million times, but today I think God did it. We're in the middle of a series called "CSI", and we're studying the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians. Today's fruit was joy. I'm not saying I know God messed with the sound, but it's a theory. I was very preachy today, reminding my team that we need to have genuine joy, as we lead God's people in worship. As I was leading worship, low and behold, my monitors went out completely, which is like pushing mute on the stage. I freaked for a second, and did my usual trouble shooting by looking at the sound man with a weird face, then I looked at the people to see if there was anything happening with the house speakers. When I looked out, I saw people worshiping God passionately with excitement, God showed me that He was still the center, even if Gary couldn't hear himself. I found my joy again, and finished the set, which was one of the best this year. It's just a theory. Hopefully it was just a glitch. We'll find out tomorrow night at practice.

Here was our set list:
-"O Happy Day"-old gospel tune
-"Happy Day"-Tim Hughes
-"Let it Rise"-Maranatha
-"Holy is the Lord"-Chris Tomlin

We surprised our crowd by starting with the old gospel song, "O Happy Day" to intro "Happy Day" by Tim Hughes. I saw Chris Tomlin do this on YouTube. It actually was pretty cool. I put a clip at the bottom of the post. I also went from "Let it Rise" to the line "...and it's rising up all around..." in Tomlin's "Holy is the Lord". It was a really great transition.

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