Worship Confessional 07.06.08

We had a really cool day. Pastors and worship leaders understand me when I say, it flowed. I'm not really talking about performance, but more about worship. The worship flowed. When you have announcements, announcement videos, offering, sermon videos, and music, there can be speed bumps sometimes where you get distracted momentarily. Today, we really didn't have any speed bumps, and I think I know why. My pastor, the student pastor, and myself pray every Sunday morning before the service, and felt compelled to pray something. I prayed that we would leave our worries about the flow out of the sanctuary, and let God move among us. I believe that God provided a seamless flow of worship in our service. It's amazing what happens when we practice what we preach.
Today, we focused on the first fruit of the Spirit, LOVE. We're calling the series CSI: Christian Scene investigation. We decided to have fun with it, and create a series of spoof videos of the show CSI, and we're using it to emphasize each fruit. I think it was received well. I'll be posting the video this week, so you can watch it.
We also introduced a couple of songs to the church.

Here's the set list:
"Our Love is Loud"-David Crowder Band
"I Love You, Lord"-new arrangement
"If I Have Not Love"-Matt Redman

The worship set was really energetic. The songs really provided an intimate setting to sing songs of love to our God. It was an all around positive experience today.

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