Vacation Day 4

I slept in today again. It was great. I've been loving going to bed with out setting my alarm on my phone. We started off the day by making a Target run. We love some Target. When we dated, we used to go to Target when were bored. I can't remember the last time we were bored. Then we went to a great Mexican restaurant called Jalapenos for lunch. I love living in Melbourne, but there's not a real, real great Mexican restaurant there. Savannah has a plethora of them, and I think Jalapenos is my favorite. After that, my Dad, and Jennifer and I went to an outlet mall. I don't know why, but I cannot stand outlet malls. I dread going to them. Maybe cause they're spread out. It just seems endless. It exhausts me. Anywho, after that I went on a daily walk with my Dad and then the whole gang got together and went to Larry's Giant Subs. This is one of me and Jennifer's favorite sub places.

Here's some pics from Larry's:
That's my Mom.
Human Sacrifice!
More to come tomorrow...

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