Strap Sweat

Some great students from our college class at church and Jennifer and I went to Universal Studios today. We had a lot of fun. Here's a couple pics.

It was fun, but it was really, really hot and crowded. We waited in line for the new Simpsons ride for 90 minutes-that's an hour and a half by my math, and we all agreed it wasn't worth the wait, and for that matter, no ride is worth an hour and a half wait. After this long, heated wait in line I think I discovered a new type of sweat line. I call it the "strap sweat". Only pictures could describe this phenomenon. Here you go...


afterWe also discovered the "Child Swap" area on the rides. If you have a young child that can't ride, you can have one person from your party wait next to the line with the child, and when your party comes back from the ride, you can swap out one person to watch the child, and then you and your party can get right back on the ride. Your friends will love you for it.

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