I'm fried

Today, I filmed for 3 hours straight. Not because it was adlibbed or messing around. We had a script, a plan, props, lighting, and a camera. We're doing a new sermon series at our church called "CSI". It's about the fruit of the Spirit. We're doing a little spoof video series on the CSI shows investigating the fruit of the Spirit. This is a 9-week series, and we're showing a new video before each sermon, so we shot everything today. It took a while, but we had fun, and got everything shot, except for one more segment, which we have time to shoot. The actors and myself have a new appreciation for people who do this kind of work day-in and day-out. We were definitely fried by the end. I think it turned out great. We actually did some lighting, so this should make for some great-looking footage. Editing starts tomorrow. That's the funnest part for me.

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