Gas & Guns

So, I went to gas up my car today, and I happened to be in a "rough" area of town, and I got a taste of reality. I had my son with me in the car, and as I was finishing and getting in the car, I noticed a couple of guys and girls yelling at each other, and it was escalating. Next thing I know, one guy reaches in his car and points a towel at the other guy's face. The other guy backed away quickly. Now, either this guy had a certain linen allergy, or there was a gun under the towel. I started making my way out of there quickly, because it was way too intense. I looked back at my son, and he said, "those boys were yelling at each other", and I said "yeah, those are bad boys." I was frightened at the thought of the potential violence in front of me. My first thought was to get out of there, because I could just imagine a stray bullet killing my son or myself. What an awful thought, but that's the kind of stuff that people face on a daily basis in a lot of inner cities across the land of the free. With all of the debates over guns, and the Supreme Court decision, one thing that cannot be debated is that America has a problem. We are littered with gun violence. I'm not going to be against someone owning a gun in general. It's our constitutional right, and I'll support that, but I hate guns. Some people believe that if everyone owned a gun, there would be less violence, but I don't want one. They scare the crap out of me. I always tell people that I will never own a pet that could physically kill me, and that fuels my fear of guns in my house. Again, I'm not against people owning guns. I respect their decision, and there are a lot of people who have the know-how and skill and common sense that it takes to take on that responsibility. What I saw this morning is what scares me, but freedom has a cost. When you give everyone freedom, you're going to have people who will abuse that freedom. I can think of a couple of movies that show the ease of killing that guns have brought to our world. Indiana Jones takes out a gun to end a potential sword fight before it started. The machine gun mowed down the honor of the samurai sword in "The Last Samurai". Guns can kill with ease, and actually the only purpose a gun has is to hurt, harm and kill. Not very positive, and it makes me wonder what our world would be like if Rodger Bacon never invented gun powder in 1249 and the first gun wasn't invented in China in 1250 (I googled it).

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Matt W. said...

I've often wondered that myself, I guess he would have had a more difficult time hiding a bow and arrow under that towel... You are right though, it's not the responsible people who are the problem, it's the ones who can't handle the responsibility of having a gun. I don't know if they think it makes them powerful, or what the deal is, but some people shouldn't have them, that's for sure.