Equipping the Next Generation

After my gas & guns blog the other day, this kills me (no pun). A Baptist church is giving away a gun to a lucky student as a way of building attendance at their youth rally. The gun, from what the article stated, is an AR15 assault rifle, which I have pictured here. I normally don't like to criticize, but again I just blogged about guns and I ran across this. Suddenly, swallowing gold fish and giving away cars doesn't seem so bad anymore thanks to these guys.

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Matt W. said...

Well, I'm still totally against swallowing Goldfish, however, I have to say, that's just crazy! While we have differing opinions about guns, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word gun is responsibility, great responsibility, and to me, giving them away at random is anything but! Especially an assault rifle...

Anyway, I did some checking on this, and it seems that this Church sort of mixes Bible teaching (and from the limited amount that I could see, it appears that they do teach the Bible) with some survivalist/militia/hyper-patriotism attitudes. Apparently they canceled the Assault Rifle giveaway, and gave away a shotgun instead.

From the looks of this youth conferance they do some shooting, which, with appropriate adult supervision I don't object to, and they do seem to be a little more old fasioned, but they do seem to be very serious about their faith.

Honestly, from everything I saw, and there could be aspects that weren't represented there, the only thing that I objected to was the giving away guns to "youth" espeicially when "youth" goes largely undefined.

This is not a Church I could see myself attending, but to be fair, they do seem to seriously be Christians... even if they do hve some wacky aspects to thier Church life...