Worship Confessional 06.15.08

Quiet worship. This week was all about quiet worship. Something that has been on my heart lately is keeping our corporate worship services balanced in knowing that the power is God. The power cannot become music, lights, sound, and yes, I’ve even led in a place that has smoke machines. None of the aforementioned things are wrong at all. They’re great enhancers, but we must keep reminding ourselves that the power of worship comes from God, or else it is not worship.

This past Sunday God led me to lead our church in quiet worship. With only a piano and a mic, i led our church in praise of our God. To give a strong visual to what I was teaching, I took EVERYTHING off the stage, leaving only the piano. It looked so naked and blank, and that’s what our church and myself needed to see. All we needed was God. It was a beautiful, peaceful time of corporate worship. It’s not something I will do a lot, but it’s good as a reminder every blue moon. Here was the set list:

"God of Wonders" (which was beautiful with just a piano)

"Let My Words Be Few"

"I Love You, Lord"

"I Give You My Heart"

It was cool to pull out an oldy like "I Love You, Lord" and experience a freshness in it. It’s one of those songs that is so simple, yet so deep, and so on target in a worship song. I think it’s actually the first time I’ve led the song since becoming a full-time worship leader. It was also a great confirmation that our church is understanding what worship really is. Sure, people missed the band, but it was a healthy stretch that we needed at this time in our church.

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