Worship Confessional 06.08.08

We had a big day. We had a great morning worship service and a big night of worship.

In the morning we talked about cultivating our friendships. With that topic, I planned a worship set focusing on our friendship and relationship with God. It is truly amazing that we can call the Great I Am a friend. Do you remember your jr. high and high school years? There was a lot of emphasis put on who you hung out with or sat with at lunch. It was what identified you and classified you. I do not miss those days at all. I was not exactly a "cool" kid. The incredible and biblical perspective we can have is that God Almighty is our friend. We are so privileged to be His friend, and to call Him our friend.

Here’s the set list:

"You are My Friend" - mine
"Friend of God" - Israel Houghton
"Beautiful Scene" - mine
"You Never Let Go" - Matt Redman

We came back that night for a night of worship. We do these about 2-3 times a year. It’s such a special time for the sons and daughters of God to come together and sing praises. The uniqueness of this particular one was the churches participation in it. About a month before, I had the church submit 2-3 songs that have impacted them, and from the submissions we prayerfully prepared the set list for the night. Before each song, we showed videos of the people talking about how the songs have impacted them. Needless to say, it was a special night. As a worship leader, it was effortless for me to lead. The people came to worship, and they connected to God all night. It was an amazing night.

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