Saddleback Worship Conference Day 4

Well, it's over. Today was a short day with workshops in the morning and it concluded with an amazing worship concert by Delirious. I highly recommend any of their albums. I have them all. They were kind of the original "modern worship band" back in the early 90's. The highlight of the concert was a song called "All God's Children". Wow, what a song. Make sure to check them out if you haven't yet.

I connected with some new friends. I met some fellow blogger/worship leaders, and we're already talking online some. This is such an amazing time to live life. You can connect to someone across the country and get to know them before you even meet in person.

I finally got to meet my friend, Emily Gomez in person. Two years ago, she recorded my song, "My Peace" for the Song Seeker project at Saddleback. She's a great and talented person. She also was a finalist on the BET show, "Sunday Best". She'll be famous one day. I can't wait for her CD to come out. Anyway, it was great to finally cross the virtual line and meet in person.

Me & Emily

I really see myself coming back to conference in the coming years. I've been to other conferences, but the spirit of the campus at Saddleback is just so positive and worshipful, it really sets the conference a part from others. There's a genuiness exuding from the church and the people, it makes you want to be there. It was a great week and I'm thankful for the experience.

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