Saddleback Worship Conference Day 2

We started this day with a general session with Rick Muchow leading worship, as well as Brenton Brown, who wrote "Everlasting God". Then the pastor from Destiny's church here in Cali brought a great message. The key point I took away was the comparison between cell phone dead spots and our spiritual dead spots. He said, you cannot hear God speaking to you, if you are in a dead spot. What a great illustration. Just like where we are determines our cell phone coverage, where we are can determine our spiritual coverage. Great stuff. Christy Nockels then led us in worship for an hour, and she really ministered to us. Yesterday they really focused on worship songwriters and artists to make sure we are writing and creating for God and not world abroad. They portrayed the woman and the alabaster box in a drama, and challenged us to create something as if God could be the only one to receive it, which is a very important and relevant message, because the majority of young worship leaders, like myself, are writing worship music. I went to a couple of workshops in the afternoon. First, I took advantage of a Song Critique panel, made up of Meredith Andrews, a rep from worshiptogether.com, and Brenton Brown. They picked my song, "Alleluia" and did a critique on it, which was a little crazy. I was really happy with the critique. They had mostly good things to say, and really complimented the musicality of the song, which is the hardest part of writing. To find a simple, yet unique melody line is the current challenge. I then went to a workshop taught by Nathan Nockels. He produces all of the Passion conference CD's. It was very informative and interesting, and I learned some nuggets for live recording. On day 3, I'm looking forward to some workshops focused on practical worship leading. God is doing great things out here in our hearts.

Oh, and...

...there was flying motorcycles...amazing.

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