Saddleback Worship Conference Day 1

It is now 11:40pm in California, but my body says it's 2:40am. It's been a long day, but a great day. They kicked off the conference tonight at 7pm with a big concert with a new comer, Adam Watts. He did a great job. Very talented vocalist. We then heard Meredith Andrews, which is the new artist from Word Records. She had a country feel to her voice, kind of like Martina McBride. What was great about her was that she really ministered as she sang and shared scripture. If you like contemporary Christian music, like Avalon, you will dig her songs. She's the real deal. The main artist of the night was Leeland. All I can say is wow. There lead singer, Leeland Mooring, is not even 20 yrs old yet, if I'm correct. He led us into the presence of God like a seasoned pastor. God is really using this guy, and it's going to be something to see his impact in the next 5-10 years. Rick Muchow, who is the worship pastor of Saddleback Church, ended the night by praying over the band and their future impact on this world. There were also some teens from the Saddleback youth ministry in the crowd, and at one point they all went into an open area and danced with all their might before the Lord in worship. It was nothing planned you could tell. It was awesome to see a young generation overflow with love for their God. Jesus said to have faith like a child. It was a great night, and I'm pumped to jump into the main sessions and workshops tomorrow. I'll post some more tomorrow for Day 2. Good night and sleep tight...

....and you can also go here to see more pics from the concert.

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Great to meet you virtually...maybe IRL we can meet up, too. :)