Night of Worship - Songs of Bethany

This is my contribution to Creative Chaos 14 over at RagamuffinSoul.

About 2-3 times a year, we have a Night of Worship at our church. It's a time where the sons and daughters of God can come together and sing praises. Last Sunday, we had another one called, "Songs of Bethany". About a month before the night, I asked our church to submit 2-3 songs through our website that have impacted them personally. With those submissions, we prayerfully picked out the songs for the night. The cool twist we added was showing a video before each song of people that had submitted songs talking about how the songs have impacted them. It turned out to be a very powerful night. God moved in a great way. The video below is how we started the night. I included a small clip of the first song, so you can get a little feel of the night.

We showed this video as well. If you haven't seen it yet, it says a lot of great stuff about worship. I bought it from Sermonspice.com. It's a great video.

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Chicago Wedding Photojournalist said...

Funky floating ghostly effect, tres sweet.
I'm added to the chaos #14 too: http://makelovereal.net/multimedia/where-art-lives-1/