Creative Chaos: Quiet Worship

This is my contribution to Creative Chaos 15 going on at RagamuffinSoul.
We had an incredible day and night of corporate worship a couple of Sundays ago, so I felt God leading us to a balance in our service. Corporate worship is so exciting and energized, and I love what I do. I love when the music is pumping and God's people are excited and overflowing with praise. This last Sunday, God led us to have a time of quiet worship. Just myself, the congregation, and the piano lifting up his praises. To really make the point, visually, I took everything off the stage, except for the piano. When the house lights were on and everyone was walking in, it looked really bare, but as the lights went down and a single spot on the piano came on, it was a beautiful setting. The worship was very reflective and meditative. God confirmed this plan during the week, as people in our church had gone through some rough stuff. This was what our church needed, and I know many people connected to God in a very cool way.
Here's some pics


Jim Drake said...

Love it... a less is more approach is sometimes the best.

Thanks for the reminder

Bekah Jo said...

I must say I love the glow of the spirits (or angels) that joined your simplistic stage.