It has been 22 years since anybody say this, the Boston Celtics are the NBA Champions. We have banner #17. One year ago, they had only 28 wins, and didn't even make the playoffs. One year later, the best basketball team in the world. Hats off to Danny Ainge for the pivotal trades signings that made this a reality. They had one of the best defensive teams of all time, and played true team ball. Paul Pierce is now a superstar in everyone's eyes, and KG has cemented his place as one of the greats. The long wait has made this a sweet year for myself and all the true Boston Celtic fans that have stuck by them for the last 20 years. What an awesome night it was. I also hope that we will quit hearing the comparisons of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Kobe is no where near the player that Jordan was, more less the same level as Bird or Magic. Those guys didn't get shut down, and they took over games when they had to. Kobe floundered under good defense. He's great, possibly the best in the league, but Jordan, Magic, and Bird were the greatest. We may not see them get eclipsed. It's going to be an exciting off season. There should be a lot of trades and changes coming from different teams like the Pistons, Lakers, and the Spurs. I'm already anxious for next season. We could definitely repeat. Go Boston!

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