Worship Confessional 05.25.08

I have been a local church worship leader for 6 years. I'm at the stage where I feel like I know a lot, lot more than I did when I started, and yet I feel like I soooo much more to learn, and I know I will. In these first years I have had the blessing and the curse of being a big part of 2 church transitions. These are the kind of transitions you've read about or heard about, or maybe even been a part of. It's been a blessing to see people being obedient to God's leading. I've seen people get the big picture, and really live out the idea that it's not about us. I've also had the curse of being the target on the stage. Yes, the senior pastor is leading all this, and I'm right there with him, but I'm the one really changing the music by adding new songs and styles, and taking away songs and styles, which is the hard part. We've made it through our second church transition, and we are seeing God's plan and reasons for the transition. With all that said, we tried something different yesterday, that is fairly common in a lot of contemporary churches. Instead of putting the announcements and offering time as a break between songs, we did all of the worship songs up front and put the break after the sermon as a buffer before the baptisms. I couldn't help but be a little concerned with people's thoughts about this, even though I knew the over all reaction would be fine. It ended up being a very powerful time of worship. The high point was definitely during the song "You Never Let Go". We really celebrated the promise that God loves us and is faithful to us, and that we don't have to fear evil, because Emmanuel, God is with us. I felt led all morning to lead the church to praise God with that song, while at the same time pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. It just seemed so pure to think of them as we worshiped, if just for that one song. I was blown away when I got home after church, and I read a blog stating that part of the funeral was Matt Redman singing "You Never Let Go". I know that they will never know that we did that song and prayed for them, but I saw the sovereignty of God shine through that moment. I felt an instant connection by way of the Holy Spirit. Amazing!

Here was our set list:

"God of Wonders"-City on a Hill
"Unchanging"-Chris Tomlin
"Beautiful Scene"-mine
"You Never Let Go"-Matt Redman
"Center"-Charlie Hall

We talked about taming our temper, and letting God have our anger, which is relevant for everyone. Baptisms are always great, and we definitely had a lot of energy in our service. It's great to be a part of a worshiping church.

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Matt W. said...

I have to tell you, I don't know why, but I was having a really grumpy day on Sunday morning. Right up until "You Never Let Go." I don't know if God moved on you to say what you did before that song, or if He just used what you said to move in me, but that really turned my whole day around.