Worship Confessional 05.18.08

Our worship service was weird this week. When I say weird, I mean the true meaning of the word, which is, according to dictionary.com, "involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthy or uncanny;fantastic or bizzare."
At Bethany, we definitely developed an identity of a worshiping church in our community, which praise God for. Our worship service is full of intensity and people physically expressing their worship. I have learned a value lesson regarding worship services. When I was at the Saddleback Worship Conference in 2006, a pastor named Buddy Owens challenged us to quit walking away from church wondering how I did that day. He challenged us to "leave it there". If God is in control, and His Spirit moved and guided, then it was nothing short of amazing. In short, if I'm being Spirit-led as a leader, then it was great, and I'll leave it right there.
That's what I practiced this week. Our worship service was by no means "dead", but it was lacking it's normal, characteristic energy from the crowd. In these situations, I have learned to trust God, continue to sing His praise, reflect His glory. I'm so glad that I did, because God was faithful. He was moving, and even though it didn't manifest itself through energetic praise, there were people with heavy burdens there seeking Him, and that doesn't always mean joyful praise. God moved in the weirdness, and I embrace that.
We're going through a study of Proverbs. This week we tackled the topic of "Surviving my Schedule", and focused on making God our priority.

Here's the songs we used:

"Holy and Exalted"-mine
"Hosanna (Our Praise is)"-Brenton Brown
"You are my King"
"Now to the King"-mine
"Glory in the Highest"-Chris Tomlin

I'm so thankful to lead a worshiping church. It's great to not feel like a cheer leader. I really feel like the lead worshiper praising our God with a great church.

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