Worship Confessional 05.11.08

As a worship leader, I have a tendency to measure worship. What I mean is I measure it by the crowd's response. This could be called a vice for me. This is something that I have improved in immensely in the last 6 years. I still stay connected to the crowd, but I am more concerned with God's pleasure than mine, but I still need to improve. With that said, Sunday was amazing. The church was connected from the first song to the last. I believe the presence of God was felt by many people, and that's what it's all about.

The set list was:

"Forever"- Chris Tomlin
"Alleluia (Our Praise Is)- me
"All Glory"- David Paul Regier
"Blessed Assurance"- Hymn
"Everything"- Tim Hughes

I can't tell you about a pinnacle of worship or a big song. They were all big, and I am so thankful for a church that comes to worship together. My friend David Paul Regier wrote a song called "All Glory" that we did. If you haven't heard it, you must. It's one of those annointed songs by God and scripture. Very moving for me. Great things are happening at Bethany, but I don't mean in the building. I think what's happening in the building on Sundays is an overflow of hearts that are beating for God outside the building. That's what we need to keep happening with our church.

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