Worship Confessional 05.04.08

This is something that some worship leaders do on their blogs. It's a way to share what we as worship leaders experienced in the worship services that we lead every week. This is my first one, so here goes.

Today we started a new series called "Word to the Wise". This is an 8-week series on the proverbs. Today we talked about seeking wisdom. I love to team up with the pastor and support what he's talking about with my set list. It's a balance of being theme-oriented and Spirit-led. Here's the set list:

-"Today"-Brian Doerkson
-"I Will Boast"- Paul Baloche
-"How Great Thou Art"- Hymn
-"Your Name"- Paul Baloche
-"All Who are Thirsty"- Brenton Brown

This was a great set. God was definitely all over it, which for a worship leader, that means everything. "I Will Boast" seemed to really wake everyone up and get them focused. "How Great Thou Art" is just timeless. I actually do a version I heard Tim Hughes do a couple of years ago at a conference. It's the same song, just with a different time signature and beat. Then came "Your Name". All I can say is "Wow"! This is a song I have fallen in love with, and I am so thrilled that our church really grabbed it today. We ended it by just singing the name "Jesus" over and over. It was really powerful and dynamic. I ended the worship with the song "All Who are Thirsty". It was just so appropriate. We had some really high impact songs throughout the morning, and this was a really mellow, meditative, soft song. It really seemed to just hover over us as we sang it. It was a day of just focusing on the name of Jesus, and calling on His power. God's presence was definitely manifested in the praise of the people.

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