Last night I met a guy named Scott. I'm pretty sure Scott is homeless, and I'm pretty sure he had a little too much too drink last night. Even in spite of all that, I was able to relate with Scott. He loves music and he's a great guitarist. Last night he played the mandolin for me and some others for a good 30-40 minutes straight, and he loved it, and so did we. I wasn't there for me, or to make myself feel more like Jesus, or something. I was there to help people like Scott have an enjoyable evening of eating together and hanging out, but I was blessed by Scott as he played and sang. Sure, he's possibly homeless, but he touched my life. I really can't wait to go help other people like this again. It feels right. It's nothing courageous or incredibly holy. It's what we're supposed to do. I call myself a "Christian", and sometimes there's no trace of Christ to be seen on me. I'm thankful that God put Scott in my life for that short amount of time, and I hope I see him again. Thanks Scott, and thanks Bek for taking this picture. It was a great surprise.