One of my biggest musical influences, Steven Curtis Chapman, suffered a huge loss last night. His 5-year old adopted daughter was tragically killed in a car accident, and unfortunately, their son was driving the car. I cannot begin to feel or imagine the grief that is running through this family today. He has written so many songs that remind us of God's faithfulness: "His strength is perfect when our strength is gone," "my Redeemer is faithful and true". Those lyrics impacted me as a very young teenager, and I pray for their comfort and peace today. My children are so precious to me, and I don't know how I would recover if something like this happened them. We must gain perspective in the midst of tragedies, and sometimes we're forced to. My perspective in the last year has been to make parenting my most important priority as I grow closer to God in my faith. My family is a gift from God, and I need to treasure my time with them more.

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Matt W. said...

I heard this on the radio this morning as I was arriving home. I just sat there in the car stunned for a minute before I came inside and told Amy. Indeed my prayers go out to him and his family, like you, I can't immagine the loss of one of my kids.