My heart is beating...

...with these thoughts.


Matt W. said...

Ok, first of all, you don't have to publish this comment if you don't want to.

Second... are you serious? I mean, ok the initial premise is ok, yes, people can tend to put the entire idea onto the Worship Leader, not realizing that worship comes from within us and if we can't do it the problem is to be found in our own heart, not in the Worhsip Leader, but we've talked about that on here before.

After the intial premise however, it becomes all mindless doubletalk. Art? As opposed to what? Art takes an artist, does it not? And artists are prone to falling into pride, are they not?

If we assume that the intial premise is valid, which I think it is, the solution cannot come from the worship leader. To think that you could do something differantly in the service to fix this issue, which I don't see much of in our Church anyway, is to assume that you are doing something wrong in your approach to, and view of, Worship, which I don't think there is. You have always been clear the the focus is on God, so now what are you supposed to do, start to view it as art? I don't think so, that would take the focus off of God, and put it on you, and I know that you agree that would be a bad thing.

If this is a problem in our church, or any church, the solution is to teach people that Worship comes from the heart of each individual person, not to shift the focus from Worship to art.

I'm kinda baffled that you were so taken with this video.

Also, yesterday, after you mentioned this to me, I googled McLaren... even from his own website... I don't think you want to advertise this guy. He fully endorsed people who flat denied that Jesus died on the cross in our place... and that's only one thing...

Gary Durbin said...

I know you know me, and probably understand my heart on worship. Brian McClaren is not a guy I run to or reference, or look to when I am researching. I think he is drawing far outside the lines. So, I'm not endorsing him. I am simply Amening what he is saying in this video. When I saw this, I related to his thoughts. Worship is art. Not like something we do to impress others, but something we do, because we can’t help but express our hearts. Blogging is an art, and I feel your heart in your comment. What he is saying is that art is beautiful when it is honest. For us to come in and act and converse differently than we feel is not genuine to the one that we are talking to.
This video is a cry for people and churches to realize that the power lies within God and not the experience. There are far too many churches that are indoctorinating people falsely on what worship is, even “progressive” churches. We do market God as a product, and when I say we, I mean churches in general. I don’t think this is a major problem in our church. You’re always going to have people that will miss it, but I think our church understands that worship doesn’t depend on who is on the stage, which is awesome.
I watched this video several times, and I totally agree with it. I do believe that I am an artist, and I believe that pride enters the picture sometimes, but it’s not because I’m an artist. It’s because I’m a sinner. The message I hear in this video is that our worship to God is art to Him. Not something that impresses Him, because it ultimately comes from Him. It’s art that pleases Him, because it’s honestly an overflow of the heart, which is worship in Spirit and in truth.
I don’t know if we came together on this or not, but I do appreciate your honesty. Thanks for the comment. It’s healthy to be open about stuff.

Matt W. said...

Actually, I think we're on the same page here, obviously we took the idea of art differently.

I think that the reason you agree with this video is because you are receiving the message in accordance with the honesty that is in you. If I had seen it in the light that you presented the thoughts in, I think I would have agreed with it too. I just really don't think that it was meant in that spirit, certainly it wasn't how I took it while I was watching it. But, with his classic doubletalk way of speaking, it can be hard to tell.

I'm really glad I asked about it though because I was kinda floored at first, but I feel a lot better after your reply. Thanks.