Passion for the Kingdom

It's 2:30am on Sunday. I'm in Savannah, GA, and have been away from internet for 2 whole days, and I survived. Just got back from the Passion Conference in Atlanta. I went with some of the college students from our church. I'm excited about the prospect of this generation. If there has ever been a generation that can bring a revival to our land, I think this one has a lot of potential. I spent less time singing during the worship this year, and more time just praying over the 9500 college students as they cried out in intense worship. I pray that God's Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven, and that His presence will be manifested through compassion for the un-churched, lost world. My favorite insight of the week was that sometimes Christians complain of being mistreated just for being Christians, when in all actuality, sometimes, it might be just because we can be jerks. This is not an anti-Christian rant. It's just a thought that maybe being salt and light isn't so much about our moral supremacy, but our turning the other cheek and unprecedented kindness in some situations. Personally, for the last few months, the whole idea of God's kingdom has really been a fire burning in me. I really am praying hard the prayer, may Your kingdom come, and may Your will be done. Beautifully, God confirmed all of that this weekend, as Passion really focused on that whole idea. One of the main thoughts was to focus on the cross of Jesus. I've heard it before, and it is so righteous. If we ever need to regain perspective, we just need to go to Calvary, and look at true love and sacrifice. We are saved from our sin, not so we can just hide in our Christianity and wait for Heaven. We are saved so that we can shine God's glory through our salvation, and give grace as we have been given grace. Freely we've received, now freely we give, and all to glorify the Father, and taste the kingdom of Heaven hear on earth.

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