Jade Marie Durbin-01/16/08

I am finally sitting down late tonight, and blogging about the most important thing in my life: my family. We have a new addition, and her name is Jade. Here's the detailed run down of her arrival:

Wednesday: 7am-We arrive at the hospital to begin inducing.

8am- Doctor says no need for inducing. Jennifer is half-way dialated and breaks water.

8am-9am- Contractions regularly=Jennifer not happy.

9am- Drugs=Jennifer happy. Dialated 7cm

10am- Dialated 10cm - PUSH

10:20am- Jade is delivered.

The whole birth process was simply surreal. At lunch we were sitting around looking at each other, trying fathom what had already happened. Did she really come that fast?
What's funny is, I prayed the night before and all morning that the delivery would be short and sweet, but I don't really think I believed he would answer my prayer. When it actually happened the way I prayed, I was surprised. I was grateful, but surprised. I really believe God enjoys surprising us.
Jade is the sweetest baby in the world. She is very easy going, and is beautiful, just like her mother. God has truly given us a gift, and I love her so much. As I type this, she is sleeping in her cradle. I can't believe she's actually here with us, under the same roof, hearing what we hear and seeing what we see. I can't wait to watch her as she grows up and takes the journey of life. God is an amazing Creator.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!! It is so amazing how God is for sure. I mean we can pray and pray but when he answers it is truly amazing. Like the song says, Our God is an AWESOME God!!


Matt W. said...

Gary, this is so awesome. I'm so happy for you guys. She is a beautiful baby.
Thank God that everything went well, we were praying it would as well.
See you soon,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! You have a beautiful family thanks to our amazing God. Thanks for sharing.

Becky Wiser (Matt's mom)

slivengo said...
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Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both!! She is beautiful! God is amazing and he does answer prayers. I hope Josh enjoys his new little sister :-)

Anonymous said...

following your link from the ragamuffin programming blog. Congrats on the new addition!

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