American Idol: What gives?

This show is a phenomenon. Even though I'm not partial to the general musical style of the show, I watch it year after year. It never fails. Every year, I proclaim a boycott when they get down to the final 10, and I haven't followed through yet. I just keep watching. So, if you're reading this, I'd love to hear some feedback. I have questions.

As I watched the first episode tonight, this question was debated: "Is it possible for someone, who is relatively intelligent, to realize if they are a bad singer?" What do you think?

My other question is, what do you think of America's choices in year's past? Do you usually agree or disagree? And have you purchased any music from past contestants?

What do you think?


Matt W. said...

Gary, I used to watch American Idol, but year after year I found it more and more tiresome, until, finally, last year, we just didn't watch it, and what's more, we didn't miss it. This year I feel completely free of it, having no desire to watch even one single minute of the show.

That being said, what I noticed when I did watch the show was that most of the really bad singers that come through and think that they are so good almost always say the same thing, "my friends and family and everybody always tells me how great of a singer I am." And I think that is the most powerful influence on most of them, their families have told them that they are so great, no matter how terrible they really are, and so they can't tell the differance. Of course, if you listen to the radio, you will realize that actual ability counts for very little these days.

I think that one thing that one thing that really bothered me about the show is how many bad singers come before the judges. At first I thought that was just how it was, until I realized that these people are all pre-screened, and some are chosen because they are so bad, because it makes for good TV, and I find that part to be kinda disgusting.

As far as America's choices, well, for the years I watched I think that they did ok, but I'm not sure that they ever once picked the best singer of the bunch to be the winner.

Like I said before though, I don't watch it anymore, and I really don't miss it.


Robert Holmes said...

Gary to answer your first question on whether or not someone with common sense can realize if they are a bad singer or not, all i have is two words . . . Jeffery Woods. I rest my case.