Facing Reality

The writer's guild is definitely on strike and not backing down, which means we will probably be stripped of our beloved shows. I read somewhere that they will be showing about 7-8 episodes of LOST at the beginning of the year, and then take another long break, like they did last year. I also read that 24 is not scheduled to come on until January of '09. To me, this looks like we will be facing a lot of new reality shows. We all know there is definitely some scripting going on, but definitely not award winning, so I'm sure we are in store for some very profound ideas, or not.
So, the opportunity that sits in front of us is to either watch whatever crap that the networks come up with or actually turn off the TV. I'm not making any promises, because for some weird reason, I actually got hooked on Kid Nation. So I say, let's all go the extra mile this coming 2008, and read some more books, and spend some quality time with friends and family. I realistically don't have a lot of hope in our society, that it will actually do this, but it would be total irony to see an intellectual and moral evolution result because Jack Bauer is no where to be found. But, for the record, I am a little bummed about it all.

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Matt W. said...

I'm with you there. There will likely be very little quality programing if the strike goes on too long. You would think that the fact that the last time there was a major writters strike it cost the industry over half a billion dollars, the TV companies would be willing to give some ground to get them back to work. Of course, as you point out, it would be good if the lack of quality programming would get people away from the TV and into better habits, but it's more likely, sadly, to just make people more accepting of "dumber" programs. I sure hope I'm wrong.