I am experiencing a new phase in parenting today. I picked up Josh at school and he was in time out, which is not what I want to see. The teacher told me that he pushed another boy down and stuck his tongue out at him. Not exactly what I hope to see my son doing to others as he enters the social world.
Now, the big question. What do I do as a parent? Luckily, I go to church every week, and my pastor just finished a 4 week series on parenting. I simply thought back to our teaching from God's Word and remembered that God doesn't want us to punish our kids, He wants us to discipline them. Teach them and train them in the way they should go. My son has such great spirit and creativity. He has such a great life ahead of him, and I can't help but feel the pressure of the affects of what I do now can have on his life. Parenting is tough. To discipline him is to love him, so I didn't allow him to play with his toys or watch movies until after his afternoon nap. I think he'll remember that next time, or at least I hope.
If I don't discipline for pushing a kid down, it scares me to think what he thinks his boundaries are. I know he's a great kid, but he's got to learn there are consequences early on, and I really believe it will affect his decision-making from here on.
When I think of discipline, I think of discipling. I believe that one of the big purposes of life for Christians is to make disciples of people, and our children are not excluded from that. I consider it an honor to disciple my children, and it must be my top priority next to growing closer to my God.

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