School Days

My son just completed his first week of school. He is going to PK3 this year. I'm starting to understand that he is growing up quickly. I love watching him go to his class and play with his friends. I'm not really depressed to see him grow up. I'm actually excited. It's cool to watch a life grow and explore. He's very social and I'm glad to see him connect with his teacher and the other kids. It's a big part of life to have relationships and to be influenced by others and influence others. I'm very proud of my son as I see him play with the kids and climb and slide without any fear. I guess there's a little sadness, because this season of his life reminds me that one day he's going to be independent and on his own. It's a wild thing to be a parent and to watch him start to become his own person. This is only the beginning of his journey into our crazy world.

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