I had to write another blog about a recent experience I had. I went with Jennifer to her ten year high school reunion. What a weird experience that can be. It's wild to see people that you haven't seen in ten years. It made me realize how much I didn't really know these people any more. They have their own life and career. They have memories and friends from different worlds and different walks of life. All I really got to see was the result of their last ten years of life.
Something I have been thinking about and teaching about lately is the fact that our life is a sequence. Every decision we make and action we take will affect tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that. The people I talked to were a little different, because they have made a lot of decisions and experienced a lot of things since I saw them last. I hope they walked away and thought positively about where I am. I know I walked away very impressed with how well a lot them have done with life.
Then I think about every morning when I get in my Word and reunite with God. I pray that He will be happy with the way I handled the last 24 hours. His approval is most important, and definitely more critical than any friends or family should be to me.

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