National Worship Leaders Conference

I'm in the airport right now waiting to go home. I attended this conference in Austin, Texas this week. It was very good, and a time to refresh and refuel. It was challenging as well. I feel challenged to live a more selfless life as Jesus did. I'm challenged to keep Christ at the center of the worship at our church. I'm excited to get back and lead our people in praise to our God this Sunday. I learned some things, and was able to get to know new people from California, Missouri, Florida, and even a couple guys from Uganda. They were representing 56 churches that they are accountable to. It was very cool to talk to them. They even taught us a worship song they sing in their churches. It also made me appreciate that I live in the states. Even though our country is not really a God-fearing country anymore, we have a very comfortable way of life. I heard speakers like Scotty Smith, David Nasser, Marcos Witt, and Francis Chan. All very annointed speakers and leaders. I feel that guys like Francis Chan and David Nasser are definitely modern day prophets warning us of our idolatry and lack reverence for the living God. Very challenging. The highlight of the week for me was getting my song "My Peace" selected as the overall winner of the Song Discovery search. I will hopefully see that selected for one of the editions of Song Discovery CD, which goes to about 20,000 worship leaders all over the country. I give God the glory for all of this. He is the one that is our peace, and he came up with the whole idea and principle. I am feeling very privileged and undeserving to be able to serve in the capacity I do in the local church, and to have the freedom to attend these conferences. I'm feeling ridiculously undeserving of writing a song that is getting the attention it's gotten. There is definitely a God.

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Matt W. said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Glad you had a great time. It's good to be able to get recharged from time to time. As much as you feel privileged to be in your possition in our Church, I feel our Church is Blessed (as am I personally) to have you here. God has certainly blessed you with abilities, never be ashamed of what you accomplish with those blessing, as long as you give God the Glory, which you do. Awesome.