Live Free or Die Hard

My Dad, my brother, and I decided to go and have a boys night out tonight. My brother's getting married and we don't get to hang out a lot with just the guys, so what better way to spend the night than to go see one of the ultimate guy movies: Die Hard. I haven't heard a lot about this movie, but I've seen the other Die Hard's, so I thought I had an idea about what to expect. I figured you'd see near death sequences that would end with Bruce Willis smirking and saying some funny, witty remark with cuts and scrapes and blood. This movie definitely delivered my expectations and some to say the least. I will say that a part of me enjoyed it, but a bigger part of me started to wonder if the screenwriter(s) was drunk or high when writing this. My other theory is that maybe they wanted to make it so over the top that the previous Die Hard movies suddenly seemed believable. I would definitely categorize this as more of a rental, but my Dad paid for my ticket, so no loss there. Plus, my brother and I laughed a lot, so it was worth seeing Bruce Willis divert the enemy helicopter with a burst fire hydrant. Need I say more?

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