Blue Like Jazz

I just got finished reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I really think this is a very important book for Christians and for skeptics of Christianity. I would definitely not recommend this to all Christians, because not all Christians are ready for this kind of honesty when speaking about faith. I would say that if you're a very conservative church goer, and not too into the changes that are taking place, you probably aren't ready for this book. If you are a ultra-Bush fan, I definitely wouldn't read this, because it just doesn't pull any punches. Like I said, it's very honest.
The beauty of Donald Miller's writing is that he is inspiring the reader to follow Jesus, as he tells you about all his short-comings. This book will inspire those that are ready to forget about materialism and your wants. Every person I've talked to that has read this says the same thing. The confession booth. When and if you read this book, you will always remember the chapter about the confession booth.
When I mention "those that are ready", I am simply talking about those that have figured out that we don't have it all figured out. You will strongly relate to Donald Miller. You will find his thoughts very humorous and compelling at the same time. This book is just very real, and we need more honesty like this from our authors and leaders, because no one has it all figured out just yet.

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