Mary Eldora Howe "MeeMaw"

May 25th, 1934-June 6th, 2007

It is a surreal feeling to be sitting here and blogging about my grandma, because she is not here on this earth any longer. I am a little saddened by the fact that I've never wrote about her before this. The words, "You don't know what you have, until it's gone" are a little haunting at this stage of life that I'm experiencing. I don't think you can ever really fully prepare to lose someone you love, because I guess we don't know how much we love them until they are not here with us to talk to, or to hug, or to laugh with. The "laugh". What a great laugh she had, and she really enjoyed laughing. Every time Meemaw laughed, you laughed, and forgot about everything else for just a second. I'll never forget the way she answered the phone. If I could put it in phonetics it would like kind of like this: mm-yellow. I think my brother and I will occasionally answer the phone that way when one of us calls the other, probably for a long time. We will laugh and repeat it back, and remember Meemaw. I guess you call it paying tribute to her. I also remember that she freaked out with a yelp every time you touch her neck. It was way beyond ticklish.
I'll never forget the night she passed. My son, Josh, turned 3 yrs old this year, and we took him to the Rainforest Cafe in Orlando. We got back really late, and I decided to stay up for a while and unwind. At about 12:30am my Dad called crying. Reality was setting in that Meemaw, who had been hospitalized for a few months, may not make it through the night. I definitely couldn't sleep after I hung up, so I waited. I didn't wait long. Not too long after 1am, my Mom called to tell me that Meemaw was gone. There's just no amount of preparation that can ready you for that news. That's it. It's over. I can't talk to her. I can't hear her laugh. I can't touch her neck. It's over...until I see her in the very presence of our Maker. The thought that still hasn't escaped me is that Meemaw is at this very moment more in love with Jesus than I am. She is worshipping Him on a level that is undefined to us. That for me is a peaceful thought.
Philippians 4:7..."I found my peace...my peace is You"


Anonymous said...

Gary once again i am sorry for your lose i know what your going through since i just lost my grandma also stay strong God will help you though it.i liked your blog it really hit home not realizing what you have till its gone.stay strong if you need to talk i am here

Matt W. said...

Gary, I am sorry for you loss, but how great to know that she is in Heaven, waiting for you to join her (hopefully not for a very long time). The slideshow is very nice and very touching.