"Holding Nothing Back" CD Review

This is a long-awaited CD. Tim Hughes is writing some of the best corporate worship songs for the church right now. He is truly a worship leader first, and a music artist second. If you're not familiar with his previous stuff, you should check it out.
The first track "Happy Day" is arguably one of the strongest high impact songs that's come out in a long time. I'm already doing this song in our church, and it's quickly becoming a favorite. The song "Everything" is probably one of the most simple, yet deep songs I've ever heard. If you grasp this song and apply it to your life, you will experience big changes in the way you think and act. "Almighty God" and "The Highest and the Greatest" are pure worship hymns that completely exalt God for who He really is. These are the kind of songs we need to keep singing and writing. God's characteristics are probably the best things we can meditate on.
The album ends with two perfect tracks. "Living for Your Glory" has a great line that launches the chorus, "...in view of God's mercy, I offer my all...". The last song, "Take the world" is a definite easy response song for any congregation, and is another simple, yet deep worship meditation.
Tim Hughes, I believe is writing songs that keep getting better the more you hear them, which is very reminiscent of Matt Redman.

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